The Centro Cinofilo dei Volsci with the “Fedele al suo padrone” Association works to enhance the importance of the human-animal relationship and promotes the latter as a vehicle for socialization and social cohesion between people of different gender, age and social origin. In this regard, pet therapy has repeatedly demonstrated the extraordinary abilities of the animal for the benefit of people in conditions of suffering or discomfort, but without ever distorting the natural inclinations of the animal.

Highly specialized staff is responsible for selecting puppies with a particular predisposition to docility to raise them at their best and then be accompanied by children, the elderly or visually impaired. Puppy education is set up in a totally different way from basic education which will lead to a safe approach to the assisted subject as a final result.

Our exclusivity is the possibility to choose the suitable puppy (s) for these extremely delicate activities, among different breeds and not necessarily the same ones that are advertised.

The ability of animals to represent a bridge, to foster human social relations, has practical implications not only in care pathways but also in educational settings. The interventions that involve the support of a companion animal, especially a dog, have demonstrated the effective ability to counteract some behavioral problems such as learning difficulties, often due to attention deficit. In addition, they play a valuable role in facilitating social integration in the school environment, a particularly important result for children and adolescents with developmental delays.

Numerous studies have shown how growing up with an animal positively affects the development of children’s personalities, increasing self-esteem, self-confidence, improving empathy and a sense of responsibility.

In fact, the relationship that is established with the animal, especially during play, can help promote social behaviors in the child, thus facilitating the methods of approach and interaction both with other children and with adults.