The Centro Cinofilo dei Volsci offers large spaces dedicated to daily asylum and extended boarding services for all owners and families who need to entrust their dog during their absence. The service is available all year round, even during holidays.

The pension of the Volsci, one of the very few structures in the province in line with the local health regulations in force, offers different reception places for your dogs, in consideration of their needs. The structure can accommodate dogs of all breeds, and of all sizes, having the opportunity to recreate for them an environment that is as similar to the family one.

There are large boxes with non-slip and anti-trauma flooring, kennels of different varieties and sizes, and also distributors of croquettes and automatic drinkers with always fresh water.

The center offers large fenced-in outdoor leashes where dogs can run and play. In case of bad weather, they can still go out and have fun in the indoor courts.

Furthermore, our pension can also accommodate puppies, elderly dogs and dogs with special needs such as: limps, various kinds of walking difficulties, visually impaired, deaf, diabetic, and with therapeutic plans to follow.

All our guests are supervised 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

The nutrition of our guests is studied together with the owner: a correct meal plan is essential for the animal’s health: you can choose from a wide range of types of feed and wet food.

Throughout the structure, as regards boxes, kennels, courts, bowls, any games and covers, daily disinfection is guaranteed.

During the stay it is possible to follow the dog with basic or specific training lessons following a specific path established at check-in with the owner.

During the summer, our guests, if they like, can also have fun in the pool. All activities with dogs within the Dog Center are carried out by competent and qualified personnel, always ready to respond to the owner’s requests, with a particular focus on the safety of the animal.