Centro Cinofilo dei Volsci specializes in dog-training, with professionals with many years of experience certified by ENCIFENALC.
Our goal is to educate and/or correct the puppy from bad habits always using positive reinforcements. Our dog trainers and educators are available to listen to the owner’s needs to help him improve the relationship with his/her dog.
We organize personalized lessons, both during the week and at the weekend, and we also undertake to train the dog during his stay in our facility.

Specifically we offer:

  • basic puppy education;
  • consolidation of the dog-owner relationship;
  • puppy class;
  • insertion of the puppy with other pets;
  • discipline the puppy to do the needs correctly;
  • correct conduct on a leash;
  • learning the basic commands;
  • socialization classes for adult dogs;
  • corrections of bad habits;
  • behavioral recovery in case of intraspecific and interspecific aggression;
  • modulation of stress and phobias related to external agents;
  • handling lessons for dog management in the show ring;
  • lessons in the urban context;
  • customized training courses according to the needs of the dog and the owner;
  • training in the search for olfactory substances (* reference to k9 unit, link).