K9 dei Volsci was born with the aim of forming 360 ° canine units. The center deals with the training of the dog from an early age, but also with the parallel professional training of its handler.
Through years of experience, K9 dei Volsci is a national and international reference point for all those who want to pursue a canine career, or to perfect a path that has already begun.
Thanks to our passion and our work, we are committed to creating the indissoluble dog-handler duo, teaching mutual respect even before defining the “working dog”.
As for the detection sector, we train dogs to search for substances with innovative methods that are totally safe for their health.
Our center specializes in training not only dog units, but also intervenes promptly to solve the daily problems of biting and unmanageable dogs.
Behavioral recovery is seen by us as the only way to give the animal a “second chance”.
Specialized personnel also take care of following the families with the puppies for specific education and re-education paths.
The center is also a guarantee for all owners who need to leave their dog for asylum or extended retirement: our facility, recognized as a local veterinary health company, boasts large comfortable spaces for their stay, and a large variety of fenced leashes for the different races.
There is no lack of fun in the summer for your dogs in our swimming pool, which is also home to training sessions in the water and rehabilitation sessions; for the winter, games and fun are always possible in the indoor courts.
Finally, through the association “Fedele al suo padrone (Faithful to his master)”, we also deal with pet therapy, helping the self-esteem of children and those who request it.